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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dinesh set to gain from SC verdict

V. Dinesh Reddy
The state government is looking into the possibility of implementing the Supreme Court judgement in the Prakash Singh case regarding selection of the director-general of police in toto which would give V. Dinesh Reddy an unexpected extension.

The Supreme Court had categorically stated that “once (the DGP) has been selected for the job, he (or she) should have a minimum tenure of at least two years irrespective of his (or her) date of superannuation“.

Thus, Mr Reddy, who is due to retire in June 2013 will continue to serve till September 2014 if the judgement is implemented in letter and spirit.

Explaining the rationale behind the fixed tenure, the court had said that frequent and indiscriminate transfers ordered on political considerations and other unhealthy influ ences were impacting police functioning.

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