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Monday, October 22, 2012

Yash Chopra, King of Romance is no more

 Yash Chopra
As bashfully as a bud ding Romeo, he pulled out a stack of papers from his office-drawer.

“I write love poems,“ he said confidentially. “But that's off the record. As it is people think I'm an emotional fool. And the poems are very amateurish.“

Yash Chopra, in his late 60s then, read out moonlight-soaked verses that longed for a beloved to accept his love. Before I could comment, he blushed, “Please, please, I don't know what got into me. So will you have a cup of tea or coffee?“

The producer-directormovie mogul would be a more accurate description -went on to expound about his cinema which has more often than not circumferenced around that old-fashioned feeling called love. Fresh flowers, dew drops, billowing curtains, chiffon saris, antique silverware, Swiss snowscapes and Punjab's mustard fields would be a part of his oeuvre. Which is why I had asked, “Yashji, why so much gloss? How about some deeper substance in the love stories?“

To read full story, please visit Deccan Chronicle Kochi

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