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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Of six fire victims, one was a baby, four elderly

Baba Nivas apartment
City engineer P.P.Venugopal lost his parents and a 10-day-old infant in the fire at the Baba Nivas apartments in S r i r a m n a g a r , Puppalguda, on Sunday night.

More than 30 people had managed to escape when the fire engulfed the multi-storeyed building but five elderly people and the infant were charred to death as they were left stranded, highlighting yet again how the aged and the very young are the first victims in any mishap. Mr Venugopal's wife Sharada had come down from their apartment with one of her twins and her six-year-old son Srujan to meet with neighbours when she saw the flames. At the same time, her mother and inlaws closed the door of the flat, thinking that that would stop the fire.

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