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Friday, February 26, 2016

X Factor in Explosive Xi

At a time the Indian cricket establishment is witnessing unprecedented developments off field, the national team too is churning out staff one doesn’t come across every now and then. The transformation from nobody to top guns has happened over seven T20 matches, and probably for the first time, India look the strongest among favourites less than two weeks before a World Cup.

Coinciding with such a rapid turnaround, and causing it to an extent, is the rise of Hardik Pandya. Six months ago, returns of 60 runs in three international innings and four wickets in seven matches would have meant nothing. But in a case of manner and impact scoring over traditional virtues like durability and performance over a longer period, the Baroda all-rounder with a cocky approach has emerged the bomber. In the midst of some accomplished stroke-makers, he can become the cutting edge teams aspire for, but few manage.

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