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Friday, March 18, 2016

‘Expressionless’ actor: Nagarjuna speaks about his upcoming and future projects

The upcoming film Oopiri challenged Nagarjuna more than any of his other films. And if you have watched the French film Intouchables, you’ll know why.

Like the protagonist in Intouchables, Nagarjuna is wheelchair-bound throughout Oopiri.

“Half of our expressions come from body language, so I had to be very careful not to move my legs or hands. Moreover, the character is not a serious one, he jokes, he laughs and he enjoys life. So it wasn’t easy playing the character,” says Nagarjuna, adding that it needed a lot of patience to sit in the chair.

“I sleep around 9.30 pm, but when I was shooting for Oopiri, most of the time my body was at rest. So when I would go home I couldn’t sleep till 12.30 am. After the shot was over, I used to walk around the sets as I had sat for so long.”

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