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Monday, March 21, 2016

Students, you should fall in love: Ram Charan

Actor Ram Charan was the Chief Guest at Malla Reddy College’s Annual Day celebrations on Saturday evening, and delivered an empowered speech in which he chose to focus on the importance of love and family along with education. Asking the students not to marry after graduation, he said.

“After your graduation, don’t think about marriage immediately. I know your parents will force you, but first settle in your life with a good job and then marry. If you believe in destiny, God will send you the right person.”

Citing his own life as an example: “When I married Upasana, there were no calculations or equations. We never checked the status of our families. I just gave my unconditional love; that’s the reason for our strong love and we are a happy family now,” he revealed.

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