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Monday, April 25, 2016

CJI almost breaks down before PM, says govt criticism of backlog unfair

Chief Justice of India T S Thakur almost broke down on Sunday as he lamented that the judiciary had been made the scapegoat for the mounting pendency of cases, leading PM Narendra Modi to offer a closed-door meeting with the judiciary to sort out the problem.

“It is not only in the name of a litigant or people languishing in jails but also in the na me of development of the country , its progress, that I beseech you to rise to the occasion and realise that it is not eno ugh to criticise. You cannot shift the entire burden on the judiciary ,“ an emotional CJI said at the conference of chief ministers and chief justices, his voice choking.

The CJI said the Law Commission had recommended in 1987 that the judge-population ratio be increased to at least 50 judges per million population. However, three decades later, the ratio remained an abysmal 15 judges per million people in a country which had added 25 crore in population since then, he added.

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