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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Height op: Nikhil blames it on docs

Two weeks after going under the scalpel in a bid to add three inches to his 5.7 feet height, 22-year-old techie, S Nikhil Reddy , blamed “lies and half-information“ allegedly dished out by doctors for a decision that he is now ruing.

Left bed-ridden and needing four people to carry him from one place to another when he is not lying on the stretcher, Nikhil Reddy said it is not the intense pain resulting from the limblengthening surgery that troubles him, but what hurts him is the `half-truths' that doctors at Global Hospitals fed him.

He claimed that never ever during the counselling in the run-up to the surgery on April 5, did the surgeons tell him about the long-term pain and the immobility he had to bear with.

“I feel cheated as I was never told about the adverse side-effects before the surgery . I was told that pain would be little and tolerable, but it is far from truth,“ said Nikhil Reddy , who was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday.

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