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Monday, April 11, 2016

Telangana: Fires gutted assets worth Rs 183 crore

People in the state lost more property to fires than to thefts last year, showing the importance of preventing fire mishaps. According to investigative and survey reports given to the fire services department by insurance companies, property worth Rs 183.64 crore was destroyed in 2015 in 8,784 fire mishaps.

As against this, the value of property lost to theft was Rs 104 crore in 16,563 property offences. The insurance claims worth Rs 183.64 crore processed last year was Rs 37.98 crore more than in 2014 (Rs 145.66 crore). The main cause for fire mishaps is said to be careless smoking (4,200 cases) electrical short circuit (2,642), gas or coal or furnace (410).

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