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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Youth dreaming to be six-footer lands in hospital

Raising ethical questions about the extent to which people go for surgically enhancing their physical structure, a strange case of a youth’s obsession to be a six-footer cost him Rs 7 lakhs, while his parents spent agonizing moments due his sudden disappearance for the elective surgery and the hospital which undertook the surgery to increase his 5’. 7” height to the desired level had to face harrowing moments with the police. The youth had approached the hospital without informing his parents. And, when the parents lodged a police complaint to know his whereabouts, they were shocked to see their son in bed post surgery in Global Hospitals after three sleepless days. The hospital performed the surgery for nearly seven hours to increase the height of 22-year-old Nikhil Reddy on Tuesday. The surgery involves various techniques available for lengthening of the legs, thighs, or a combination of both, to help a person grow taller.

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