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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Exit Polls: Set backs for Congress in Assam and Kerala, Didi to remain in WB, close call in TN

The current round of Assembly elections that concluded on Monday has left the Congress badly bruised, if exit poll verdicts are anything to go by. While the party appears to have lost the plot in Assam and Kerala, its gambit of getting into an electoral understanding with the Left in West Bengal seems to have bombed.

The Tamil Nadu scene is hazy with the fight between the two heavyweights — the AIADMK and DMK — too close to call. So, all the Congress can be happy about at the moment is Puducherry, where exit polls have put it ahead of the ruling Rangasamy government. But Puducherry is too small a Union Territory for the Congress to treat even as a consolation prize. For the BJP, the possible win in Assam would end its dry spell on the eve of the Narendra Modi government’s second anniversary. And the political map of India could be reset close to its slogan of a “Congress-mukht Bharat”.

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