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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

No jitters for Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu says that he was extremely tensed before Srimanthudu released. But he is getting no jitters ahead of Brahmotsavam.

“Srimanthudu was very important for me and my career at that time, so I was tensed. But for Brahmotsavam, honestly speaking, I am more excited because of its content. I have attempted something new and I am keen to see how the audience receives it,” says Mahesh Babu.

The actor says that the film is like a celebration. “Our concept is that life is like a celebration. This film will definitely remind you of the moments you have forgotten in your life. When Srikanth Addala narrated the story to me I was blown away and decided to do it immediately,” he says, adding that the concept is all the more important in the modern context.

Mahesh Babu was approached for Brahmotsavam when Srimanthudu was under production and he locked his dates. “After I decided to do it, I never changed my mind. Srimanthudu became a huge hit but I don’t let that impact this film. I believe in content and I go accordingly.”

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