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Monday, July 18, 2016

Arbaaz Khan returns to Tollywood

Bollywood actor and younger brother of Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan is all set to return to Tollywood. After making his Telugu debut way back in 1995 in a negative role opposite none other than Chiranjeevi in Jai Chiranjeeva, the Bollywood actor, producer and director will now be playing another negative role — this time opposite Raj Tharun, in an as yet untitled project that is being directed by Vamsi Krishna.

According to a source close to the filmmakers, they had always wanted a star for the role, so they first approached Govinda. But the actor and former politician had a few reservations.

“After reading the translated script, Govinda wanted his character to have a bigger role in the film. Apart from that, the actor felt that his star status was much larger than the younger Raj Tharun’s,” the source said.

After Govinda lost interest in the film, the makers then approached Arbaaz with the same script, who read and accepted it immediately. “The actor agreed to return to Telugu films with this project, but has still not yet signed a final agreement,” added the source.

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