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Friday, July 22, 2016

Start-ups have a ‘Ka-ball-i’

You can’t not see it — the Kabali craze has taken over the country, with companies even announcing a holiday on July 22 so that their employees can watch the Rajinikanth starrer in peace (if they’re able to get hold of tickets, that is). And the city’s start-ups aren’t far behind — a bus full of them will be a part of a community trip being organised.

Starting from Hitec City, the bus will be stickered with posters of the film and packed with start-up employees wearing official merchandise, all of it organised by start-ups — including organic popcorn.

Progress Software’s Ramesh Loganathan says that while outings like this are organised often, Rajini’s presence is what’s making this one all the more exciting.

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