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Monday, August 22, 2016


A likely 67th spot finish with two medals, just above Mongolia, Burundi and Grenada, here on Saturday morning was wasn't something India had expected before the contingent left for Rio.

In London, four years ago, India was 56th with six medals. One of those London medal winners was freestyle wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt.The 33-year-old, better known as Yogi, was the last man standing for India here.

Yogi's 65kg freestyle contest turned out be an anti-climax. He went in there, but did nothing. It was obvious that he was injured. There were stories before his departure of a dodgy knee, a dicey back and a sore shoulder. All of it seemed to be true.

His rival, Mandakhnaran Ganzorig of Mongolia, did not have to stretch much. He took a point in the first period and two more in the second. That was it. Yogi was almost passive, going through the motions.All the experience of years of fighting tough battles, against the best in the world, meant nothing. The last man standing barely stood there and then checked out. Later, the Mongolian lost in the quarterfinals and with that ended the slim hopes a repechage, the second chance.

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