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Monday, August 8, 2016

Hyderabad techie’s app aims at emergencies during Haj

A major problem that pilgrims from India and the sub-continent face during the Haj is the lack of knowledge of the Arabic language. This creates immense communication problems at Mina, where about 1 lakh fire-proof tents exist, and at the Mount Arafat about 20 km away.

To assist these pilgrims, a Hyderabad engineer working at Mecca has developed a free mobile application, ‘Huji app’ after a year-long research at Mecca, Mina and Arafat. It is available only on Android now.

Mr Sheik Abdullah from Santoshnagar in the city, a quality control engineer, said he started working on the app after watching the plight of pilgrims when a crane crashed at Mecca last year killing 110 persons, and a stampede which claimed 700 lives.“People from all over the world were worried about their loved ones and began calling up. The mobile network was jammed for about 72 hours after each incident. The pilgrims without knowledge of Arabic suffered as they searched for their group in the confusion. I decided to develop the application which can assist non-Arabic pilgrims,” he said.

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