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Monday, August 29, 2016

Nayeem may have killed 7 persons

Gangster Nayeemuddin reportedly killed seven persons, including some of his own relatives, and ran an office like set up to settle land disputes. He even had a host of advisors.

After learning that in Nayeem's circles, `missing' meant already eliminated, Special Investigation Team (SIT) officials initially thought only two persons were missing. However, in the last few days of investigation, police came to know that seven persons were believed to have been killed by the gangster. Nayeem also took photographs of some of his victims while killing them.

With the SIT digging out de tails of the gangster's two decades of murky life, police discovered that like governments and business tycoons, Nayeem too had ad visors, mostly officials from departments like revenue, stamps and registrations and police, besides advocates.

Sources in the Telangana police told TOI that all these officials used to share information about important land deals and land disputes especially in Ranga Reddy, Nalgonda and Mahbubnagar districts and gave inputs on how to carry out manipulations in government records. Nayeem used to reward them handsomely, either in the form of monthly salaries, land or cash, and the amount would depend on the value of information they shared. These aspects came to light after police started decoding Nayeem's detailed and meticulous documentations.

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